F-22 Raptor

The F-22 pilot will have the world's best fighter in his hands. This remarkable jet will blaze across the sky pushed by F119 engines, staying at supersonic speed all the way to the objective.

The engines are completely new and the most advanced science can yet make.The F-22's Westinghouse AN/APG-77 fire control radar is aslo new and pushes back the boundries. Speed and marksmanship mean real trouble for any enemy stalked by the potent F-22 with its deadly missiles.

Amazing, the F-22 can turn snap like a pit bull terrier. The "final frontier" in combat aviation is the realm of close quarters agility. The jet jock who can trun in the least amount of space, or shoot in one direction while flying in another, will win the fight.

The F-22 is the very best. And with a stunning price tag of $150 million, it needs to be able to prove its value.

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