Eurofighter EFA 2000

EFA 2000

Hard proof that Europe has a vision and that its nations can cooperate to produce the ultimate fighter for common defence, this purposeful, high-preformance delta-winged jet offers significant advances in engines, radar, cambat systems and weaponry. From nose to tail, the Eurofighter is one of the most advanced fighters in the skies today, equally at home as a highly agile intercepter and as a precision ground attacker.

It has not been easy for experts in Britain, Germany, Italy and Spain to develop their new warplane. The original Eurofighter was even more capable than that now being built, but folling considerable German opposition agreed to build a much less costly design now known as the EFA 2000.

Even so, the EFA 2000's advanced new radar, infrared sensors and avionics make it the best multirole fighter under development today- and now it comes at an affordable price.

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